Monday, August 5, 2013

Disc again.

Another post on disc brakes for cross.

I built up a Jamis Supernova Team frame yesterday with parts I had lying around.  It's a super strong frame, and the lightest cross frame I've ever felt.

I used these trp disc brakes.  They are not that heavy, and not that expensive.  What's awesome about them, is both pads move to grab the disc.  Most mechanical brakes only have 1 side moving.  Weight on these is about what the trp mini v is, around 144grams.

Then you just have to deal with the idea of adding 200 grams in rotors and an extra 100 grams for hubs.

Want to spend more money and save 100 grams, buy these.   What's awesome about these is not just the weight savings.  There are not cutouts in the rotor, so your pads should last way longer than with traditional metal rotors.  This brings me to my last point, even if the disc brake bike stops better and weighs just a fraction more, WHO WANTS TO PAY $50 AFTER EVERY FEW LAPS TO GET NEW PADS INSTALLED?

Back to the bike, I'll get more pictures up, it's really light, with carbon clinchers, carbon cranks, clutch the frameset for $2000, or buy the whole bike for $2900 with carbon wheels and sram....54cm.  Pics to come.

If you want a light disc brake cx set of wheels, I'll do 390 gram hubset, 24/24, laser spokes, iron cross stan's tubeless rims, 1380 gram wheelset for $450.  Chose black or silver hubs, add $10 for black spokes.

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