Monday, October 6, 2014

360 cup 2014

I couldn't get to Lawrence Saturday, but did sunday.  

Course was great.  The 360 guys made great use of the entire park.  There was something for almost everyone.  It was huge, using the whole park, made it hard as a spectator to watch, but fun to race.   I won the ss race, and felt good enough to finish 6 of the 10 laps of the open race.  

If you need more cx local stuff, you must read the kc cyclocross blog.  Usually there's some video and pictures, and european commentary.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cliff Drive CX

Team colavita put on the super cliff drive race over the weekend.  I liked the course and the party.  Chicken and Waffles, beer, MUSIC, and good racers.

The cyclocross racing was hard.  I raced single speed, got 2nd both days.  I have a  lot of room to improve from where I am right now.  Body weight needs to come down and training needs to go up.  I've been slacking all year.

SWAYZE is every wednesday in October.  Click the link to the right or click on the Swayze to go to the facebook page.  Expect fun, free, super race training.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cliff Drive Cyclocross Classic

Mark your calendars!  Manions isn't happening so we hope to bring you something better.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Yup.  First time in 4 years I had a cx bike put together before september.  It's 13lbs. right now, should be 12 after a few more tricks.

Woermann and I put on a cool little beginner cx clinic on saturday.  It was a good time and we got stuff done.  I couldn't quite walk right the next day.

Cyclocross is really hard.  I usually think that since it's so hard, I don't want to start to I am realizing that is not working.   Last season it wasn't until november when I was able to dig deep and stay on the front.  The beginning of November I was flying and then there was no where to go.  I'm starting early this year.  Tonight even.

I'll be at the store all day, 11-7, then at 7 doing an hour cx ride at roanoke park.  A hard one.  There's tons of dirt there now from all the construction on the playgrounds around the tennis courts, fresh sand in the volleyball court, and everyone already knows about all the single track...if it dries out by tonight. Then beer at the store afterwards.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last weeks racing and this weeks ride.

Last week we raced at the sunflower state games. There was no payout$$, but there were kbar points for the team and individual.

We didn't do too bad.  Keck won his first cat 4 race.  Kevin won his cat 3 race.  And I got 2nd in the 1/2 race.  Sunday went better with Micah winning the 3 race, Kevin getting 4th, and I won.  Finally feeling good for almost a month of a sickness.

This weekend there are no races, but we have 2 big rides planned.  Saturday is the normal coffee ride at 10am from the store.  Come early for free coffee and maybe treats. It's a 38 mile loop we go pretty hard for...

Sunday is the annual drop ride.  We have at least 10 guys showing up for it.  It's a 100 mile ride to Lawrence and back.  Show up, sit in, ride the front if you want.  Leaves at 7am, so we will be back and hopefully in my pool by 12:30.  More info on the facebook page.

Friday, July 11, 2014


There's been just a few things keeping me ticking this summer.  Being sick through the super races of June and July have made it hard to stay motivated. Showing up to the race knowing you don't feel super, knowing you're about to get your ass kicked, and still going through with it hoping you don't crash  and then have another guy stick his handlebar straight into your back at full speed, but it still happens.

Here's a few things making me tick this summer.

Volker just became an early rider dealer.  The bikes are made in the uk, belt driven, really light, and have every piece of component on the bike well thought out for any 4 to 8 year old wanting the lightest, smoothest 16" bike.  Once I go with some racing 1.35" tires, scandium chopped bars, a ritchey wcs trail 45mm stem, we'll be right at 7 lbs.

There's this too.  It's been a long time since I've felt something for handmade USA bikes that is so real, tangible, and most  Oddity bikes are the real deal, I want one, you should too.  Nothing like it anywhere.

Then there's cx.  It seems all the racing I am going to be doing is hopefully jumpstarting a super cx season.  Plans to go to SS worlds in Louisville and Nationals in Austin may fall through, but I hope they don't.

A 12lb.geared cx bike will be ready to test ride 3 weeks.  Be ready.  It's going to blow your mind how affordable, light, and perfect geometry will make pay me money.  The focus book is HERE!  The cx3 is on the only canti brake bike they have, and it's a 1300 gram carbon frameset!   The other bikes of note are the cx1 carbon disc with ultegra 11 hydro.....and the ax1 which is there affordable aluminum bike with sram22 hydraulic.

Today also got me on tires.  I've been saying for a few months about how excited I am for the new 33mm cubus...but there is also the limus and grifo team edition.  The team edition from challenge has this super cotton, that feels like an fmb...looks like and fmb, but is cheaper than the fmb...with the limus tread.

If you are talking tubeless though, I don't think you can go wrong with the tnt xl or xg from vittoria, get them, try them, you will like them. There will be a rider or 2 at the front of the cat 1/2 field on sl23s to xls...and also in the 3 field too.

 I also got in some 700x38 challenge 38mm tires.  They say gravel grinder on them, but they are just the chicane tread with bigger casing, that could go tubeless, we will see how that works.  400 grams isn't bad either for that big of tread.