Sunday, April 13, 2014

34 miles in 2 hours. The short version.

Raced Bazaar today.  20mph headwind, a little hot sunny, before long the right mix of 4 got a away, Kevin from Colavita was my only teammate in our 1/2/3 field and he was there.  I followed all the moves that had a cat 3 in them, if Kevin was the 1st cat3 finisher, it's $100 for him, which is just as good as anyone winning the whole race.   1 other guy got a way, another velotek guy, so there we all were left to race for 6th place.

We made it 15 miles south to the cone where we make the 180...started hauling back with our super tailwind, after about 5 minutes, the black wall of clouds had hit us and we were under a hail storm with what seemed like a 40 mph head/cross wind.  Our echelon came down to 3 of us, it was miserable.  Hail was coming at us sideways, so my cycling cap didn't block much, it got cold quick too.

Eventually a truck pulled over by us and yelled at us that we were finishing at the cemetary, due to all the lightning.  This meant we were not going to do the extra 16 miles or so which was good.  I won the sprint between us 3.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's almost Saturday again.

It's April, my race season hasn't started yet, but I've finally got that awesome feeling when I wake up in the morning.  Like I was sleeping with my waste down covered in a ton of bricks.  It's been 7 weeks since since I last felt that euphoria, the goodness of miles from the previous days of riding.   It's back and I now have a little more than 9 weeks to be as fast as I can be.  63 days actually, it doesn't sound like that many, it's not a lot but I am easing into it.

4/13 bazaar
4/27 sheehan
5-3,4,5  vtgp
5/25 blancarte tt
6/8,9 tulsatough
6/21,22 tour of kc

There's the 10am saturday ride, come early for free coffee, leaves from 39th at 10, 37 miles at race speed.

Saturday night, it's a midnight 6 hour century ride, all night long, hundred and something miles.

Friday, March 28, 2014

No Race Saturday.

I don't see a race on the schedule for Saturday. We do this great saturday 10am ride that is as "race like" as you can get.   Leaves at 10am from volker on 39th, but come early to get free coffee.

Ride is 37 miles long.  It's pretty fast, like racing fast, really fun.  Just sit in and moto...or do hard work.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Building more wheels.

1430 gram wheelset, 20/24 cx-ray spokes to sl23 rims.  I-9 hubs are so good.

I've got some super wide 27mm width, 38mm deep tubular rims come in.  Build them to bikehubstore hubs for $575 with cx-ray spokes, or build them to purple i9 super road hubs for $775.

Also doing a special build for the light weight weenies that want clinchers, 18/18 cx-ray spokes, super light bhs hubs, a 1300 gram tubeless clincher wheelset for $500.

I've got 2 sets of 24/24 carbon rims, a 28mm width, and a 35mm width.  Rims are $380/pair, or build to i9 cxdisc hubs for $800, or bhs 12x142/15mm black light hubs for $550.

I'm at 39th till 7 today, Tuesday, come see me, buy some tires, t's, caps, shoes, socks, and bikes.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Super Bike Sale

56cm super ti frame.  Chris King mango pf30 bottom bracket, i7 headset, and r45 hubs.  38mm tubulars. black bladed cx-ray spokes.  Full force group, zipp carbon bars.   $2500 for the whole bike without saddle.  Super deal.

Also, got a couple bikes with a 53.5cm top tube for sale.  Some jamis xenith carbon frames with rival or 105 for $1300/complete bike, an icon elite black frameset for $650, or a masi evoluzione apex bike for $1200.  Smaller bikes are faster bikes, period.

I'm gluing a ton of 25mm tubulars.  Most of them are on 23mm wide or narrower rims. If I was gluing 23mm wide rims, I'd just go with 23s.  I have some sweet vittoria limited racing factor 23mm corsa cx tires, super good, normally $135, now $75/ea.  check em out.

 3 years ago, it was unheard to ride 23mm tubulars, let alone 25s...people just thought 21s were faster.  21s are lighter, but not nearly as fast.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Industry nine has the best hubs from 2014.  Super fat axles, instant power engagement, super smooth, and super colors.  No worries about pre-load going out like the chris king either.  Pic from tons of colors.  

Pacenti wide sl23 aluminum clincher wheelset $600
Stan's Alpha 340 or 400 aluminum clincher wheelset $625
38 or 50mm carbon tubular, 23mm width.  $850
38 or 50mm carbon clincher 24mm width, $950

prices are for round spokes, silver nipples, add $80 for cx-ray bladed spokes, add $15 for colored nipples.

any type of mountain disc or road disc hubs available too, plus there super stock wheels with the proprietary spokes you can buy from us.

If you are riding saturday morning, we leave at 10am from volker on 39th, come in at 9:30 for free coffee, you'll probably need it.  37 mile loop, it's fun!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


It was new bike day for a bunch of tcpckc guys on thursday.  The masi bikes with rival are exactly what we needed.  Weight was nice for the price, about 1400 grams for frame and fork.  It's got huge chainstays, huge tire clearance, and great racing geometry.  A few guys got the complete bike with rival, a few others went with just the frame and fork.

Doing a super urban mtb ride today, come in for free coffee between noon and 1 at the 39th st store, then we'll leave at 1, ride, then get back to 39th for maybe beer.  

Ask about I-9 hubs, wheelsets, and how I can build you 29er carbon wheels for $450.