Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More on the Custom Ti Frames

Here's an example of a drawing I just got.  I sent in all my wants and desires, they sent me this.  It's a single speed cx bike.  Integrated seat tube.  44mm headtube.  pf30bb with 386 style bb, it's 86.5mm wide instead of 68mm, way more room for thicker tubes to attack and less pronounced bends needed for the chainstays.

Not bottle cages, rack mounts, or brake mounts on this one.  Rear brake cable is going into the toptube and straight out the back to a cantilver brake.

So how custom is custom?  It's anything you want.  Media blast anything you want it, logos, words and phrases.    How about a fat bike 29er with the 386bb, built with xx1 crank, paul hubs, xt brakes for $2600?

Gravel Road bike with ultegra 11 speed, tubeless handbuilt pacenti wheels, ritchey wcs cockpit...$3600.

Are you 4 feet tall and want a 650b hardtail?  Yes, that is possible, get your 9 year old kid on  custom bike if you want, it'd be rad.  Super good.

There's a pic somewhere on the volker tumblr page of the frames at 39th, they are still there for now.  I made the road bike with a slightly higher rear brake bridge, it has room for 31mm tires and still uses a standard 39-49mm rear road brake.

A few of my words about these and other ti frames.

1.  These are not the same ti frames from 15 years ago.  The serotta's and litespeeds that your doctor or lawyer has been riding for 20 years.  These are way stronger, built more precise, and offer a ride quality that is both stiff for racing, but soft riding like ti is.

2.  Ti has great properties that make riding bikes different.  We can design a bike that would be great for recovery rides, long touring, and just overall comfort....or we can make the thing crazy's however you like.

3.  I'm a little freaked out by selling you something that you'll probably ride forever and never need to buy a new frame from me again....

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