Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cyclocross Calendar

I like posting calendars, events that I plan to do. It gives motivation to improve and keep going.

august 17/18 Cathedral Crit.
august 24th gravel worlds
august 30/31/1st. Mountain bike trip in arkansas
sept 7/8 weekend off
14/15 Hermann is a maybe
21/22  Madison is a maybe
28/29  Manions.  The best weekend of your life.
October 5/6 360 cup. A great race.
12-20.  Trip to colorado, 9 days in the mountains, 4 uci races.  Who's going with me?(the ft.collins cx weekend just got cancelled, stay tuned)
26/27 Boss Cross
November 2 Colavita Cup,
3 BLVD cup
9  Heartland Park Night Race
15/16/17 Iowa is a maybe
23/24 Louisburg
30/1st Boss Cross
December 7/8 State in Topeka

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