Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tour of Nevada 2013 DAy 2.

Hot and windy.

At the start, the announce that after the first lap, they will ring the bell for a $500 prime.  Sounds good, right?

It was really freaky, we weren't going fast...I'm not sure if everyone was scared of crashing or expecting a bad move or crash.   I was up there with 2 corners to go and just sat in thinking the top few guys were going to really go, but they never did.

A break went away again, without me, the same way it did last night.  The fastest man there, and I were away, then we get caught, we both pull off, and soon there's a counter, he goes, I'm stuck....

I get off the front again a few times, but eventually get caught.

With 10 to go we get lapped by 4 of the guys who got away, I and two others jumped and with 1 to go I attacked pretty early, we were sprinting for 8th, and the guy passed me at the line, so I got 9th.

If you have a heavy disc cyclocross bike, and want to get really light wheels, do get the 24h iron cross rims, xt 36h hubs, and 48 spokes.  Be 2 lbs. lighter, tubeless, and $350.

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