Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tour of Nevada 2013 Saturday.

Over 30 racers in the P/1/2 field, paid 17 spots, $1800, that's pretty good odds.

Race started at 9:15pm, it was dark, with 12 turns.

First 5 laps were single file, balls out, out of the saddle out of every corner, couldn't see anything.

Eventually things got calmed down and attacks started happening.  I got in a few moves that were easily pulled back, then I sat up towards the middle of the field as Jensen with 3 guys on his wheel attack to bridge up to 2 others already off the front.  They were on the right, I was on the left, and I expected that the field was strong enough that early in the race to bring them back.  The kuat team seemed to be blocking for the break the first couple laps, I'm guessing maybe they thought that one of the 6 off the front were one of there teammates, but eventually they all realized they were all there in the field, racing for 7th.

I got off the front a few times, I was away for a while, but a nice blonde kept guy in orange from Shawnee kept bringing me back.

The last couple of laps seemed pretty slow, just tempo.  The last lap I did alright till the last corner, I was behind the wrong guy again, and may have ended 8th for the field sprint, so may have still got paid.

The closest espresso machine to me right now is 35 miles away....

Here's the start finish line area, probably the brightest part of the course.

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