Sunday, July 21, 2013

State Line Road Race 2013.

This is a really cool event.  The course was about 8.9 miles long, just long enough to make it feel like a road race, but short enough that you don't get bored.  There were a few sections of solid climbs, especilly the 4th, last corner.  You had a hairpin turn into a steep wall, then down and up a few before getting to the finish.

My brother and I road out to the race, it was about 16 miles there. It was raining really good by the time we got there. We both saw the last corner and road the final 1500 meters to the finish. 

During my race, after the first lap, 4 of us were together and we worked for about 3 more laps.  By this point I was hungry and simply losing interest in the task.  Spencer attacked up the hill and soon I was otb of the group, I road by myself the last 3 laps.  I had plenty of bad feelings of hunger and twitchy muscles but felt better after the promoters pulled cooler full of ice and blvd. beer.  I'm pretty sure this was my longest ride for 2013 so far.  Plus I averaged 23mph for the 70 miles of racing we did. 

My brother won the cat 5 race out of a 50 rider field.  He did 42 miles.

I'll be at 39th today from 12-4, come buy some things.

New custom ti frames on the way. 

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