Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tour of KC Day 2.

We've done this course for 5 years I think.  It's a hard course. 4 tough turns, then you ride for 1000 meters or so and then start making 4 more turns, with the last 2 being very fast off camber up hill. 

I can't say much about my race.  We started with over 50 riders and only 27 finished.  I had a flat on saturday in tulsa so I swapped my cassettes with my wife so I could use her wheel.  Then I fixed the flat and never swapped the cassettes back.  I couldn't shift more than 2 times at a time, the chain was going everywhere skipping around. 

There were many attacks during the start of the race.  2 years ago, 2 riders got off the front on the first lap and were never seen again...I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen again. 

About half way through the race, the 2 fastest guys, Jensen, and Lee B., got off the front with 2 others, and soon 5 others started to chase.  Somewhere during this time I was sitting 4th wheel through the 2nd turn and crashed.  I didn't break anything, so that is good. 

I got back in the race, everyone left in the feild, maybe 17 riders knew we were not racing for any money since all the payed positions were up the road.  It was good training though, there were lots of attacks but nothing hard.  On the last lap in the last corner I tried shifting a few gears going up that weired off camber hill turn thing and my chain did it's thing and I sat up to cruise in again.   

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