Monday, June 24, 2013

Tour of KC Day 3.

Windy day.  My wife and I road out to the race.  I was warmed up good so I didn't need to warm up on my race I didn't notice the tires being really low, maybe 60psi.

Turning was great, but there were only 4 turns, so I felt like I was riding on carpet, I wished it were to rain.

There were many splits, and it seemed we were racing single file the whole time.  With 4 to go I went over a pan hole and cracked both my carbon rims.  Wheels still spun but the front brake clicked on the cracked carbon and the back brake felt soft so I wasn't very aggressive towards the end.

At this point, there were already 4 of the fastest men up the road, and soon another attack went that I wasn't watching for and 4 more went away, so there were only two top 10 spots left. I came through the last corner behind the wrong dude, before even making the turn I could see the huge gap forming and there was no point in sprinting from so far back with such a large gap to bridge into the wind.  I ended up 19th.

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