Friday, June 21, 2013

Tour of KC Day 1.

It wasn't an easy course. Almost 60 riders showed up for $1850 race...

The last 1000 meters were uphill with a tailwind, so there was no place to hide, if you were on the front, or off the back, you were doing the same work it seemed.

Lots of turning which I enjoyed. I road through the same round about twice.  The course couldn't have been better, just a great course with good flow, not a lot of brake grabbing.

There was good wind today, everyone knew there would be moves made. It wasn't until 10 to go when Schmaltz and Jensen got a way finally, and we started racing for 3rd.

I went to hard on the last 3 laps to stay at the front. It was easy to move up on the uphill section before the finish, but I wanted to stay up there.

I lost speed going through the roundabout into the finish, I didn't have much to kick back up to get any paying spots(10 places) so I kind of rolled in.

I used to have good snap.  I could power from 12 mph to 32mph pretty quick.  Now it seems I can only power out of big speed, like 30mph to 40 I have something to work on.

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