Thursday, April 25, 2013


Joe Martin starts today. At at 4pm.   Every year I make plans to make it to this stage race.   I've never made it down there and this is the first year I didn't even make the attempt.  Sheehan is on Sunday. It's the best road race Kansas has hands down.  Gonna be 75 and sunny when we finish the race. Bring your sun screen.

I missed velotek grand prix last weekend too.  Just too much going on and the commitment to race the full weekend from 6am saturday to 1pm sunday wasn't realistic.  Kind of like tallgrass next weekend.  4 hour race starting at 10:30am saturday, then you don't race till 3:30 the next day.  In my world I would race the crit at 5 on saturday, then start the road race at 9 sunday.  Be less than a 24 hour commitment for 2 races, but as my boys are figuring out, we don't actually have our own world. 

My new entertainment comes from Tati in Chicago.   Check out what he is doing.  Click.

I'm at 18th 12-6 today/tomorrow.  I'd love to sell you some $2300 carbon clinchers for $1300, or maybe some $140 tubulars for $75.   How about a 19" $1900 hardtail mountain bike for $900?  Message me if you have money to spend, you will get the best deal.

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