Thursday, May 2, 2013


I did race last sunday.  The weather was very un-Joe Sheehan Memorial Race like.  This means it was sunny, 60 degrees, and no wind.

The re-routed us through Atchinson, which added a few walls and some scenic rural climbing before we got to the highway.  It was a fun race.

I started off fast, I was in a break away with 2 Smith's.  It was hard keeping the pace up knowing what I had in store.  I got dropped.  Then I got dropped by another 42 year old right before the finish.   Ended up 4th. 

I got really good training in this race.  It was hard and my legs were screaming louder than they have all year.  This makes training harder easier, when you break barriers in races, going harder than you would by yourself, or with your group, then you go back to getting better and it's easier to go hard.  A few more races getting beat up and I might get in better shape than last year. 

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