Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I raced bazaar on Sunday.  It was a fun race, it usually is.  I ended getting 5th.  We were sprinting for 4th and I got beat. 

The wind is usually the story for Bazaar, 25mph wind headwind going out, historically it's over 35mph.  Half way back the wind died down to maybe 15, which made following the 2 velotek guys and Jay easier.  They were chasing my teammate Blake and 4 other guys who were off the front while me and 2 cycle city guys and Kenny(on junior gears) road along behind them.  With 18 miles to go attacks started and me and Andrew were away for a little while, but eventually coming back the last 8 miles into the wind, there was a group of 8 of us I think, Blake was with us, while 2 cycle city guys and super man cameron rex was up the road.    I crashed with maybe 4 miles to go, we weren't going super fast, so I was able to brush myself off and sprint back up to the group.  The sprint was not my best, but good enough. 

The drive there to Bazaar, we talked about it.  How if you started your sprint 100 meters from the finish into that 30 mph headwind it would be too soon.  Guys were starting at 400 and 1 by 1 they got beat by the wind, even though it was only blowing about 10-15mph. 

My wife raced her first road race.  She didn't win though. She said something about it not being hilly enough for her skills.  Next time.

Here's the song.

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