Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My 12 lb. fixie mountain bike is complete. If you want to see it, it's at 18th.  The magic gear has about 4mm of play, which won't be good to ride on trails.  I'll leave it brakeless as a backwards riding inside shop bike at 18th.  I could use a 36h eno hub, but that would add a 1/2 a pound, and what fun would a 12.5 lb bike be?

Next is a raven 5.0 carbon 29er. Looks amazing in person.  click.   I'm building up with chinese carbon wheels, fox reba rl fork, xx1 crank and 9 speed light xo parts.  Will be 20 lbs with fork, and it will be racing.  If you need some 10 spd. shimano mtb parts, and a fsa bb30 triple crank, say so.

By dribbling he means a soccer ball.

Who's ready for intervals?  That's 40 all out sprints if you can imagine. 15 seconds is a long time.

I have this $90 jacket for $50 if interested. Just in xl. Vest is available too. The xl fits me perfect, also have a xxl.   Perfect for today. 

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