Monday, December 3, 2012

Weather, Bikes, and Ride tonight.

People are talking about this weather, like it's something.  It's weird.   I always check the wind direction, today it looks I'll have tailwind riding to and from work today, which is nice when your bike is connected to a parachute that weighs 120 lbs. 

I'm doing the Monday Night Ride tonight, it's a good time, everyone should be there because of the temperature.

Did you see these bikes?   We've got that supernova elite in 51, 54, and 56.  You know I ate disc brakes for cross, but these bikes are pretty awesome for the money.  Would make great gravel bikes too.  All internal cable routing that is user friendly, but still protected from outside.  386mm super stiff bottom bracket.  Tapered Headtube.  I've got half a mind to make the 56cm a single speed for the state champs race. 

I was asked what I'm riding on the road next year.  It's still too soon to tell, road is still 3 months away, that means 3 months of riding my cyclocross bike.  I like it a lot, but if someone gave me $2500 for a 13 lb. full carbon super cx bike with carbon tubulars, I'd take, just think about it.

Back to road next year, I'm guessing I'm going with full carbon.  I sold my havocstaff, and there are no more 56s left to order next year, and the new super icon has tire clearance for 26s, but it looks like 28 tire won't fit on the rear, but I have not tried for sure, only measured. 

This frameset, is LIGHT!  It was light in 2012, but they dropped another 100 grams so it's super light.  Plus it isn't crazy money.  Other front runners are the jamis xenith and the focus izalco.  We'll see.  It's a long ways away.

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