Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another List

1.  Big Sale!  Come down, say hi to Benon and Ean, maybe bring your checkbook.

2. this, this, this, this (from 2004). 


There's this kid who was offered drugs at 17, then his first year cycling in college, then again, and again. Check out the sept 5-7 writings.  I retweeted a couple.

All I know: If you offer my kids illegal drugs of any kind, I would take an axe normally use to cut big pieces of wood and use it on your legs. 

3. See the front brake stop here, only thing is my bike is 4lbs lighter.  You can buy it for $2500.

4.  Who's got a way to make an inline 2 or 3 seat aero trailer?  LIKE THIS.

5. For this holiday season, maybe consider buying your gifts from local places, not target, costco, or the mall.  Going to a holiday party, buy cool stuff from cool places, don't put yourself in the position where you have to tell the host that you bought your gift from costco. Buy bread here.  Buy wine, cheese, chocolate, and beer here. I get that somethings aren't available to you locally, but gift cards to local restaurants and bars are great gifts.  Potpie, Oddly Correct Coffee, and Room 39 are good places. 

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