Friday, November 30, 2012


Cyclocross is over for some, it's just beginning for others.  There's still a ton of racing left if you are interested. 

A few interests.

1. I keep looking for an alternate way to transport my kids, a trailer still seems to be the most economical way, plus it seems to protect them from the outside better.  This would be cool though, on a nice day.

2. I'm going to be at the 18th st store 12-6 today, we've got a new 2013 shipment of tons of helmets of bell/giro as well as blackburn lights/locks/pumps.  Easton wheels too!  Come say hi to Benon/Ean.

3. 2013 Jamis bikes are coming in. We've got 3 supernova elite full carbon disc brake cx bikes, and xenith elite sram red bikes for cheap.  BAM  BAM

4.  No racing this weekend.  I'll be looking for wood to burn in my fire stove.

5.  GOTTA SELL BIKES. You need a good bike.

1 comment:

  1. Come build trail at Roanoke next weekend and get all the oak firewood you can carry/haul for free.