Sunday, November 25, 2012

Epic Cross.

This was definitely a course you needed to pre-ride before racing.  My wife, I, and the kids rolled in about 40 minutes before the start and I had barely enough time to register, get dressed, and put both my bikes together.  The race started, there were tons of fast guys there, for a $100 race, and they all wanted to win. 

I didn't get a good start at all, I had no idea where we were going, and after a lap I was practically dead last I think, not sure.  I settled in and just went, trying not to hurt my knee too bad.  I had some ok rides on thursday and friday, both about 2.5 hours, but my knee hurt the whole time. 

I have no punch, this was the worst course for that, bumpy, and 180 degree turns every 40 meters.  Not really any flow.   I'm not saying this course sucked, it didn't, it challenged the racer more than most courses can, and if you forgot about how bad you were sucking, it was actually fun.  The 2 kegs that still had plenty of nutcracker ale in them after all the races weren't bad either. 

The crew put on a great race for the landscape that they had, you couldn't make it any better.

The ss race wasn't bad, it came after the open race so I knew the course well.  I won it, but not by much, a badgoat guy was chasing good the whole race.

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