Friday, November 16, 2012


I overhauled my rear zipp hub last night.  I really like zipp hubs.  All I needed was a 2mm hex, a subway napkin, and some dry lube.  Now it's super smooth and fast after 2 seasons of road and 1.5 seasons of cx. Zipp Hub Work.  If you want a sweet deal on a quarq or zipp wheels, say so in the next 5 days, and you'll get it!

After the hub work I shortened my chain, hoping this is the last of my chain dropping fun. 

I'm going to be at the 18th st store 12-6 today, if you haven't seen Benon/Ean in a while, and want to, they'll be there, or just wait till Boss Cross this weekend. 

FSA 386 bsa english bb worked with the s975 sram crankset, just took off the ds spacer and the nds preload adjustment.  Just need to figure out the magic gear now.  The chainstays were a little longer than what's on the nova race (425mm) so 34/16 don't work, can't find a 15t freewheel cog either....

People are really excited about this bike.  There will be a few coming in a couple weeks.  This one has my attention, full carbon, full 2012 red, $1k amclassic 420 wheels, $5100 bike for way less. Got a few of those coming in next week.  54 and 56.

Since moving there date from Thanksgiving weekend to this weekend, I would have bet real money that there turnout was going to be super low, with people not able to take off work and commit to a big weekend the weekend before a big holiday, boy was I wrong.  The pre-registered riders is huge, way more than last year. Jingle Cross Riders.

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