Thursday, November 15, 2012


My knees have been beat up this season.  Mostly from hauling that trailer with my kids around, but it got worse last week at the HPT ss race.  I crashed on that 180 turnaround after the first fast section of track.  It didn't feel good, but I still finished the race and won.

I had a pretty good day riding Wednesday.  It wasn't too windy and the kids didn't seem as heavy as usual, but then I got home and slipped on some toys and crushed the same knee I bruised saturday.   There are plenty of people who have it much worse, there is a friend who was literally driven over at 6 in the morning on his way to work, so it's hard to complain, but I am complaining.

I ordered an english threaded mega evo bb 386mm for this spooky frame I've been trying to sell.  Might build it up to a 13 lb. single speed in time for state champs. I've got the bb30 s975 crank with spiderless ring, the crankset with ring weighs 500 grams, lighter than the new red crank.  I'm supposed to take off the preload adjustment and spacer on the drive side and it's supposed to work on the bsa english threaded bb.

 I need $550 for the made in america super light aluminum frame, it's black,  got a nice new carbon fork for $150 to go with it too.  If I don't hear from you, look out.  My last set of 50mm rims are sold, I just have these left for $650.

I've got some 1440 gram 29er wheels for $650 too.  All black.

Reynolds Assault Clinchers $900

Fulcrum Racing 1 Wheelset $800

I'm looking for a little drumset for my kid and me to play, bar stools, dining table, chairs, couch.  Willing to trade things made of carbon for the above items.

Boss Cross this weekend. Don't miss it!

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