Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HPT Race

A blast.  19  cat 1/2 starters.  We started out good, we means Bill Stolte.  He took the hole shot and continued attacking every corner, never dropping the pace for a second.  I was sitting 4th wheel behind him, Bryan West, and Buta.

There is a ride up in the pitch black dark that was pretty fun, if you had a chance to practice.  I didn't ride this section when I preroad, and ended up dropping my chain on the first lap hitting all the bumps before it, I was able to pop it back on while I ran the ride up and got back to 6th, Coe and T. Donn passed me.

Stolte was still killing it but soon Coe got around everyone and got a gap with Brian following him.  Next time on the ride up I wasn't watching too far ahead and ran into Buta who had ran into Stolte.  This time 4 guys got around us, and my chain was off, down under the guide this time.

I ripped the chain back up, popping the inner guide off, and went back to racing.  Skinner was leading me and David for a while, but when there are 3 guys and 2 of them are on the same team, one of them must attack, I waited for David to go, but he never did, so I tried, eventually getting a gap and then David got away from Kyle too, catching me, when I was cruising through a corner in the infield and my chain popped off again.  This time due to not having the inner guide on and my rear freehub not being serviced since I got the hub, 10k miles ago.

I got going again, and ended up 7th.   I had a really bad gut cramp after that chain drop.  I must have pulled something when I was bending over to fix the chain and trying to run at the same time.  There were 3 to go I think then, I had plenty of leg muscle left, my breathing was fine, but my gut hurt.

An awesome event, for the 4th time, Jeff Unruh knows how to put on a race.

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