Saturday, November 17, 2012

Boss Cross #5, Parkville.

Awesome course, awesome weather, not awesome legs.  My knee felt pretty bad this morning, I didn't warm up much before the ss race, knowing that finishing a 50 minute race and a 60 minute race back to back was a stretch this time of year.

I won the ss race, I didn't feel too bad, I got up to 4th place in the 3s, apparently there were some close calls in one of the last corner between the 1st and 2nd place finisher in the 3s.

There was a Mr. Stitches style ditch right after the start, I had no idea it was there, but the official warned us, and I saw all the 3s running it in front of us, when I saw, it looked easy, I road it every lap of the ss race, but eventually realized I wasn't going to be able to ride it at the speed I was with my super carbon wheels/13lb. bike, so I slowed down the last time and nearly ate it trying to go over it at a safe speed, it was probably safer to go over it faster.

In the open race, there were 14 starters I think, I got going and was 3rd for a while, for 80% of the race, but with 2.5 laps to go, probably 15 minutes left of racing, and I was done.  My hr was at 182 and I could barely pedal, my stomach was an empty pit.

I had a good 20 second gap on 4th place, in just one lap he turned that deficit into a positive 30 second gap.  With 1 to go I was in 4th, but 2 guys, Joe Fox and Evan Fast passed me easily.  I had nothing to stay with either of them.

Ended up 6th. 

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