Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boss Cross #6

The last boss cross.  It must be said here that the boss cross series is the best series of races we have in KC.  The courses are always laid out well, there are great officials here, and they do there best to serve the racer.

If you asked me yesterday after the open race if I would be able to stand up this morning, I would have bet the answer would have been no.  I drank lots of tea and coffee all morning, trying to get my feet under me, then had a shot of espresso around noon at the Parkville Cafe.

Today's course was backwards from yesterday. With it being backwards, the line used on saturday was not always the faster line for today's course, cuz it is backwards.  This made riding through the cat 3 field pretty easy, it seemed all those guys were riding yesterdays beat down path and I could zoom right by on all the fast lines.

This was kind of the case in the open race too.  I followed some wheels the first lap, ended up getting off by myself in no mans land, and road in 4th place for 9 laps, chasing Skinner, who always seemed to be 5-25 seconds ahead of me.

Today was the first day I actually watched my heart rate.  I tried to stay at 160 during the entire ss race, with a few times going over to get off my bike and run.  For the open race, I tried to keep it below 175 for the first lap, just so I didn't end up where I was on Saturday, face first into a brickwall.  It seemed to work, I had a little gas at the end to bring the gap to 3rd down to a few seconds, but still wasn't enough.  

John Williams  got 2nd in the cat 3s today.

Sand was pretty fun sunday, not as much saturday.

Melissa watched the babies all day both days while I raced, she's probably more sore than I am.

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