Sunday, September 23, 2012


DAY 2.   Flatted after 3 laps of the SS race.  Pinched a tube I think on that wood by the barn.  The course was run backwards, which had some sweet descents.  The uphill section seemed easier, but it being the 2nd day, my legs hurt.

The 1/2 race was like the day before, race ok for a lap, then the rear tire lost air, by the time I finished the race, it was down to 10psi or so, definitely teaches you how to put your weight into the front wheel. Teammate Buta won, watch out this year, he actually has a bike that's worthadam this year.

Monday night ride is on, 6pm leave time from 39th/bell volker store.  13-16mph avg speed, call it a recovery ride, or put bricks in your backpack and the ankle weights on for training.

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