Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cyclocross is Hard.

 Even had I not had those flats, I still would have sucked. I was sucking on the first lap on Sunday anyway, no pop, no will to kill.  It was weird.

For cyclocross, I usually mentally prepare myself of how hard it's going to be.  It does make it easier when you spend the 15 minutes before the start telling yourself this is going to be the worse pain imaginable and that it will all be over after 1 hour. 

Being able to push through pain is what I like about cyclocross. I hear mtn. bikers talk about how they kill it for 15 minutes in a race, then "settle in" to a good pace.  This is not what cyclocross is.  Once you "settle in" the race is practically over . You go all out the whole time, and when it hurts, you go harder and push through it.  You don't sit up and shrug your shoulders .

I am going on record and saying I will try and push through some pain this weekend. 

Tonight we are doing a race, 6pm, Penn Valley Park.

Meet where they had that giant "Container structure", and where the 99% people camped out. (ie: west side of the fed reserve).

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