Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small Block Eight

Did the cyclocross practice race tonight. We had maybe 20 guys and 1 gal show up.  It was fun. We did 2 races of 4 lap races.  I like doing short races for fun/practice.  It seems, in most races, after the first 2 laps or so, everyone just sits in and just tries to hold their position till the end.  Plus the first laps are the fastest, which teaches you more than if you were just sitting in.

I had some Small Block Eight Kenda tires  from another wheel in the store, so I mounted it tubeless on the front alpha super wheel.  It aired up easy with a floor pump and cracked/cracked in to place.  It is not the sct, sealant specific tire, it is the straight up light fast tire, so I ran it around 45psi to be sure it would work.

It worked fine tubeless, but if it is wet at all, you will not want this tire. These things cake up with dirt and hold onto it immediately.  Even after bombing down 31st st to QT, it still had mud stuck to it.

This tire will be super fast and grippy on super dry courses though. 

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