Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Its' the tour de france hangover.  The week after is the worst. You are used to reading all the rider quotes, watching the race clips and rider interviews, discussing what you hope happens and what probably will happen, and its over.  1 tour highlight here.

At least this year there are a few things going on.

There was a  cyclocross race yesterday.  Then there is the olympics coming up.  As well as the drop ride happening Sunday.

Cross is coming soon. I bought milk for the boys yesterday, it expires in august, make way for cross. 

I ordered a bunch of fmb $85 tires and built a bunch of wheels for cross. I guess people think 1218 gram 50mm deep and 23mm wide carbon tubulars for $500 is a good deal.


  1. i expected a good drunk story or at least a review of "the hangover" not a picture of a milk jug. don't die on Sunday.

  2. How can one outside of the KC area (hint: St. Louis) go about getting a set of these 23mm carbon tubulars?

    1. send me an email, tell me you want these wheels. I will then tell you how lucky you are that I have 1 set of rims left that I could build to any hub you wish. If you agree you want new wheels, then I will ask an embarrassing question like"how much do you weigh?"