Monday, July 23, 2012


Its' the only mtn bike race in KC this year.  I woke up to the 5:30am alarm went up to the 39th st store and tried to get my mountain bike ready. Both the brakes were rubbing. The brakes were Ashima pancake brakes, very light, and not expensive.  I couldn't solve my problem, but everything else seemed fine. I was going to race a light fully rigid single speed for 3 hours, that was my plan.

Went to the Parisi coffee factory ad picked up some cups and coffee to take to the race.  Loaded up the kids, some water, stroller, chairs, leaving the house at 7:12am, we were late.  Got there in time to drop off the race numbers, coffee, and filing system for the registration.  Got the kids going and then Benon and I road around until he decided to brake the sound barrier bombing down this big hill and ate it pretty hard.  Nothing broke, so that was good.

The race starts and I am in the lead for a while.  There were some fast sections, and there were some technical uphill rock sections as well.  My gearing was pretty hard.  I lose the lead, then take it back.  Going into the 4th lap I realize I should have put some water out for me to get, maybe some food, because I am hungry and thirsty.  I start cramping and start going slower.  Coe catches me, there is still a rider in front so he drills it up a hard climb. I try to go and cramp worse.  I stopped got water at the start/finish line, then walked up the hill to get back into the trail.  I was going ok, just cruising the next lap. The lap after that I started crashing bad.  I was still cramping, body was cold, brain hurt, legs hurt, mountain biking is hard.

I stopped at 11:40, about 21 minutes before the cut off, I had time to do another lap and salvage 3rd place, but I also feared falling down again.  Instead, I took a shower.

Awesome award goes to Brett.   118 racers, over $700 raised to go to the trail dudes. 

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