Thursday, July 19, 2012

The tour.

There are a lot of people saying good and bad things about this years tour de france.  Its not that exciting this year.  If it wasn't for Sagan, I think I'd be sleeping through it all.  The whole thing seems pre-determined.   I did not like see Tejay stay back with evans on stage 11, when he needed to protect his white jersey, not to mention his overall classification. 

I also did not like to see Froome stay with Wiggins the last 1.5k today when he could have easily shot up and won the stage over Valverde.   Those two things bothered.  Watching these "teams" race makes me think the best rider is not winning.


  1. I remember when Greg Lemond was on Bernard Hinault's team and dropped way back to help Hinault win his 5th Tour. GL could have easily won that year. The next year (86?) was more exciting because Hinault and Lemond battled as co-captains of La Vie Claire for the yellow jersey. We won't see that happen this year.

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