Monday, July 30, 2012


There are quite a few cx bikes getting spec'd di2.  Jamis has a aluminum disc di2 bike for $3900.  They also told me today that all their cx bikes will be disc.  It will be interesting to see how di2 does for cross. On paper, it should be awesome.  Slightly heavier, but not having to worry about cables getting ruined after 1 muddy bike race sounds encouraging. Plus the shifting is way better, super strong consistent shifting.  I only fear the worse to happen if a small pebble or stick gets stuck in your drivetrain during a mudbath.  All of a sudden that $3k bike now costs another $500 to replace that derailleur.



  1. Dan Miller had it last year for cx and had alot of issues, did not perform well in mud and kept failing. Updated version this year may have different results, time will tell.

  2. Yeah, I had one of the first Ultegra groups out there. It was amazing until I started riding in the mud, then broke 2 derailleurs. It actually performed fantastic in mud...but would snapped with significant accumulation around the pulleys. Soon after I was getting emails from Japanese dudes with @shimano emails trying to figure out what happened. The unofficial word was a 'batch problem' with the sheet metal surrounding the mounting bolt (which is what was breaking). I'm guessing they fixed it.