Wednesday, June 27, 2012


People are ordering 50mm deep, 23mm wide, carbon tubular wheelsets for $500.  You get some pretty solid wheels for that price if you want tubulars.   Add another $50 for challenge tubulars or $85 for tufo/pdx light tubeless tubulars and you are saving some weight.

If you are into saving weight, but don't want to spend as much money, and still want fast wheels, ask for stan's 340 rims built with the same hubs and spokes.  Weight of the wheelset is the same, with these you can buy the $35 vittoria xg tnt tubeless tire and save even more money.  For $400, you get wheels and tires, setup tubeless.  Weight will be the same, but you save $200 and get the no nonsense good consistent braking of an aluminum clincher. 

Both quotes are for light round spokes, add $70 for bladed cx-ray.

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