Monday, June 25, 2012

Tour of KC, the 49th.

Saturdays race was at New Longview.  Same course as the last 4 years.  Its a great course, if its windy, its super hard.  This year, the wind died down a lot right before the p12 race, making it the easiest its ever been.  On the 2nd lap, I broke my chain on the backside of the course.  Not a lot you can do.  It was an ultegra chain.  Never broke an ultegra chain before.  It didn't break at the pin or quick link, just must have been a bad link.

Sundays race was a new course, in downtown Lee's Summit next to the bike america's store.  There were 4 turns with the final turn being the toughest to negotiate.  We got there hoping to be in time for the kids race but were a few minutes late.  Benon and I were still able to ride a lap around the course.  We also had plenty of time to eat.

This place rocked my socks off.  You sit down, and they set a plate of cinnamon rolls in front of you.  They had a huge menu including all you can eat fried chicken, breakfast served anytime, bottomless coffee for $1.25, all kinds of Pie, it was a really good place.  I ate a BLT with a fried egg in it, probably a little too late in the day.  I hadn't eaten at all throughout the day and by 1:30 I was starving.

By the time we were done, the cat 4 race started.  Joe and Charlie got 2nd and 3rd, the guy who won is an ex professional racer from Arkansas.  In the cat 3 race Andrew and David took 1st and 2nd.

There is not a lot to say about my race.  It was hot, I felt fine, legs felt good, just not where I needed to be when a group of 9 or so road away.  I didn't really have much fun, not sure why, its the first bike race I actually wasn't comfortable.  It didn't seem like a long race, but it was.  I was surprised to see 4 to go.  By then 1 mercy rider and 1 tradewind rider had lapped us and both were battling for the win.  The rest of us were racing for 10th place.  There were still 30 of us I think.  I was riding fine and decided to move up in the hardest section and by the time I got towards the front with 1 to go I decided I had pedaled too hard and was tired. So I was done racing.  I should have just sat in and waited till we got to the backside but was too inpatient.

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