Friday, June 22, 2012

Focus Cyclocross 2013

 Above. New red.  Easton ec90 sl tubulars.  $6440
 Above. CX1.  Ultedgra di2 electric shifting. $4190.

Above. CX2.  Ultegra 6700. $2950.

Above. CX3. 105.  $2530.

All are the same frames as last year. Same geometry.  Low bb.  bb30.  Tapered headtube.

I love focus bikes.  They're unmistakeably made in Germany attitude penetrates your soul as soon as you touch one.  Even the $1000 full 105 aluminum model we just sold had looks.  They are simply done right, the right cables, length, fit, clearance, speed, its all good, right out of the box.

What I don't like, is how they charge more than $1200 to upgrade from 6700 to di2.  In my book, the di2 system is less than a $900 barrier.  On the other hand, why pay another $2250 to go from $550 wheels to $2000 wheels?  Sure you get sram red, but the price difference between red and electric ultegra is equivalent. 

The real value bikes here are the cx2 and cx3.  Both less than $3k, both full carbon, ready to race.  On the other hand, for $3000, you could get a 15lb. full carbon sram red 1x10 with 50mm carbon tubulars from me. That's a good 2.5 lbs. lighter than the cx rapha bike and 4 lbs. lighter than that electric shifting, $600 derailleur exploding when mud touches it  bike.

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