Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday, Tour of Lawrence, Circuit Race, 2012

105degrees at the start.  Heat doesn't bother me much, I was hoping for a magic day, you know, the kind after a week without sleep, no riding, and then working 2 straight days in a 100degree shop, only to load up the kids, drive to lawrence and pin a number on and have perfect legs. 

Once we walked all over the KU Campus, up and down hills, trying to find the "hill" where Dr. planned on feeding me water each lap, I had 30 minutes to go register, pin the number, get jersey on and race. The race was fast, it didn't seemed nearly as fast as last year, but still, super hard.

On the 2nd lap I got my first feed, I slowed down, let all these riders pass me so I could get to the side to get the bottle, I lost a bunch of time, but got the bottle.  Spencer waited up and him and I with 2 others worked to get back on terms, we did, but the bottle had accelerade in it.  This stuff hurt me bad, I was already looking for an excuse, I was in the hurt and we weren't 20% done with the race. 

I heard a story about a man, with nobody to feed him, so he lined up a bunch of bottles on this railing on the sidewalk, and he would bunny hop the sidewalk curb, grab a bottle each lap.  Sounds cool.

By the 4th lap I was done, I kept going easy, hoping that I would get lapped once, maybe even twice, I was prepared to ride for 3 hours, but this course is impossible by yourself.   The hills have so many turns to scrub speed, then they are so long, by yourself it is really hard.  I ended up getting pulled, placed 36th out of 62. Results.

If you placed top 5, or even finished top 25, you are probably pissing blood right now.

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