Monday, March 19, 2012

Perry Dam #3

I paid for the series, it probably would have been better for me not to have shown up. I didn't feel like racing no matter how much coffee and monster energy I could drink. There were only 4 starters. 45 miles of level 3 riding. The kind of riding I hate. Just trudging along. The kom I got 3rd, I didn't really want to go. 1 point. Then the for the finish same thing happened, my legs felt heavy, no snap, just wallowed up to the top for 4th. 6 points. 7 total. At the end of the race I had 60 miles in my legs. I have never ridden like that. There were no attacks, no surging, no hard pedaling, no soft pedaling, just constant power the whole time. I hate that.

One of my demotivators was that I was 5 points ahead 3rd place, Brian, who had 13 and I had 19. I didn't think he could catch me. He won the race and got 2nd kom, so his best 2 races now added up to 19, we were tied. But if you take our 3rd race, our worst race, he had 6 points and I had in theory, I should have got 2nd. If I can still count. Joe brought home $50 for me which meant 3rd.

I found out Perry-Roubaix will not have a race for 1/2s, this sucks. I might be doing nwa classic now, 72 miles, get ready.

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