Thursday, March 15, 2012

strava and garmin

I uploaded all my files to I was told that garmin had a better way of exposing the power numbers. Its a little better. Its nice scrolling through and seeing all the charts separately. I still think strava is better, especially with all the battles and koms and stuff for competition.

I got a new trailer last week. I can now get out of the house with the both boys and roll around at a measly 13mph with an extra 70lbs hooked to the havocstaff. My first ride I noticed my hr was way low. I was going at 200watts for a while and my hr stayed below 120. Usually as soon as I hop on my bike the hr spikes to 140.

I'm guessing the speed has something to do with it, only going 10-13mph, but still producing watts. Guessing going fast makes you have to think faster, watch the road better, think faster, all those things, makes the heart pump more, work harder. I'm hoping these trailer rides teach me to control my hr better, keep it lower.

I road 2 hours today with the trailer, before setting off on a good a solo ride. I was surprised how low my hr stayed. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing.

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