Thursday, March 22, 2012

Classic Ride

Big Ride this sunday. Not sure why exactly we are calling it a classic ride. But that's it. Should be fun. There will be a few more in april/may/june to fill in the gaps of the race schedule.

There are quite a few gaps in mine now. Looks like I won't be racing for a month almost. 3 sundays of no racing. I might go down and race the NWA Classic. I need to do something. I definitely haven't been riding hard at all this year so far, need to find the hard races that will make my eyes bleed. Traveling hours on end to do this is not what I want to do.

4-15 Bazaar RR
4-21,22 Tour of Herman
4-25-29 Joe Martin
5-6 Auburn RR
5-11,12 Tour de grove.
6-2-3 Riverfest crits, wichita.
6-8,9,10 Tulsa Tough
6-22-24 Tour of KC
6-30 Lawrence Circuit
7-1 Lawrence Crit

Rained all week. The younger kid got ear infections this week too. I jogged a little monday but that is about it. The rest of the time I've spent eating and playing with tractors.

China made some 23mm wide, 50mm deep tubulars, they call them cross tubulars but they'll be good for the road too. They look just like these in the pictures.

I'm going to try and make energy bars on saturday for the big ride. I thought about a few different ingredients, but I think it best to go with the bacon-cashew recipe first.

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