Monday, February 13, 2012

Watt's happening?

So far I have done 2 rides on the new G3 Powertap. Its got 32 thick round spokes on my favorite clincher rim, the A23. The hub itself is super smooth and solid feeling. It gives me data like speed/cadence/power. My ride on sunday went 51 miles. Luckily the kids slept through most of it after having been up sick every night all night.

My watts are way low from 3 years ago. I'm hoping its from a week without sleep and no miles in my legs. I'll keep going to find out.

Volker Party Friday.
Streetcred Crit this saturday.

There was a cyclocross race in tokyo over the weekend. A couple americans were there. Who's idea was it to put 2 barriers 200 meters from the starting line on pavement?

This is a very long video, I think I would hate this course. You have to fast forward to 2:30. If you are getting lapped by a belgium in sand, get out of the way. He ended up lapping all but 5 riders in the race.

Helmet Cam view.

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  1. Sure he was pissed that the guy wouldn't move over, but is it legal to give him a slap on the back of the head? Seems like a DQ is in order.