Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spooky and Cyclocross Streetcred

Streetcred cyclocross happened. Quite grand. Awesome course, awesome free beer, awesome cold.

We pre road the course twice, There were a lot of turns and it was pretty hard to know where they were, even after pre riding the course, but after the first lap it didn't seem so bad. I raced a new Havocstaff. It is nice! The 57 frame weight was 1200 grams, that with a light fsa headset and 275 gram wcs fork makes the frameset weight at 1550 grams, lighter than 70% of the carbon framesets out there. Plus, it won't crack or explode if something hits it. I like that.

The new frame has pf30 bb, lets you use light retard proof press in bearings, light bb30 cranks, and allows for wider tubes at the welds.

Super stiff, super light, super strong, super USA!

Buy a frame from me and I'll throw in a headset, I'll throw in a ritchey wcs carbon fork for another $220. You won't regret it.

Back to the race, I had a road bike, it was 1/2 gravel/rocks and half pavement/glass. I'll have helmet cam footage soon as long as I made the camera work right. strava with power here.

I raced challenge roubaix tires. On the a23 rim they measure 29mm, fits right into the spooky frame, even with 405mm chainstays. Clearance on the front ritchey fork for the 29s...though the tire says 27.

Sram not shifting right? Measure your housing for the rear derailleur, its gotta be 36cm for it to work right, especially for red. Most bikes we get from factories have shorter housing=bad shifting.

Lots of details on these made in the USA frame, come into Volker39 to check it out.

After a couple laps I was leading the streetcred race, then my tire went flat. I went over to the parking lot and found a pump, it was a super old blackburn pump, it took a while to get air in it and by the time I was rolling again, the new leader was a minute ahead at least. Then the next gravel section I wipe out pretty hard, luckily it was the nds that got hurt, so I get up and finish for 2nd.

Again the streetcred people outdid themselves. The course was quite different from last year, with terrain for all types of bikes, it was tough, hard, had no flow, and was super fun.

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