Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hit that reset button.

I haven't ridden since sunday, I think I might have ridden 4 days out of the past 20. I had a pretty good January, probably road 15 out of the 31 days. Now its time for that reset button.

Last road season I think I hit that button every month. I think every month I had at least 1 bad week of no riding, or very little riding. My big races I "trained" for were tour de grove and tulsa tough. Training consisted of motorpacing swblvd. 3 nights a week 2 weeks prior to the event. I never really got faster last season, I just learned to suffer better. I'm hoping to have a better road year with better miles. So far it isn't happening. I'm a dull lightbulb.

I'm going to drink this huge chocolate milkshake, kill this cold, and live bikes this weekend.

Friday I'll be at 39th working all day, I'll have the CAR there for 1 of you to buy. I should be working on a new spooky havocstaff frame too. American Made Aluminum will be hard to beat this year.

Saturday is 9am TEAM ride with free espresso. Then work at 18th st. from 12-2:30, then off to THEBESTBIKERACEOFTHEMALL.

I'm talking about a 13lb. cx bike.

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