Friday, October 28, 2011

Frame came in.

Got the frame in, the Lapierre Cyclo-X frameset. It looks amazing. They spent a lot of time making this thing look good. Sad thing is it is heavy. 1440 grams for the 57cm frame, claimed at 1150 for the 50cm, fork weighs 514 grams. Way more than expected. The fork is painted which adds the weight. I have there ec90 easton fork in the stock easton version, it is 450 grams, makes you want to blast the whole frame and fork to see how light you can get the set.

The frameset comes with the seatmast top, it weighs 154 grams, which is about what my 3t doric ltd stem weighs, you can buy a ritchey stubby, for $40, it weighs 115 grams. The size is 34.9. The seat tube being integrated adds a ton of stiffness to the bike, especially when pedaling through corners seated.

The other thing I noticed, was that if you run derailleurs with cables, you must run the housing the entire length, no stops, same for the brake too, it goes through the entire length of the tt and out that back, which looks really good.

If I had di2, I'd be real tempted to rock this bike. I'm more into having a light bike right now, so I'm sticking with the blue sl for now. It can't be beat as far as I'm concern.

So, if you want this frame, 57cm(56 top tube) for a steal, with pf30 bearings, headset, fork, email me, volkerbicycles at Pics will be up of it soon.

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