Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bike Brand Building 101.

It pisses me off when there is a crazy good frame out and hardly anyone knows about it. The U.S. distributor has 100 of THESE in there warehouse, just hanging out. Why aren't they moving? Why have you not heard of them or seen them at races?

Try to google 2012 lapierre cyclo-x, or carbon lapierre cx bike, try to find anywhere on the web! You won't. By luck, a French National Champion came to the U.S. and won a few races last September, and there are 1, maybe 2 articles about him and his bike. Had he not won, there would not be anything. Just a bike from the future, super light, internal di2 routing, pf30, removable cable stops, disc ready, all this for the price of a normal carbon cx frame.

We've got one in the mail, gonna show up friday. I'll take some good pics then for you. If its as light as they say, 1150 for 50cm, 1200 for the 57cm, then I'll swap my parts over to it, see how it goes.

This is a really clean looking bike. the rear brake cable runs through the top tube and out the back of the integrated seatpost. If you run di2, there are no stops on the top tube, you don't see any cables at all.

So, my point is, this is what happens when a bike company decides not to sponsor any pros, not to promote there brand through grassroots team or word of mouth, just got lazy and bought a ton of frames that now they have to sell at a discount. Thats' right, discount, email me for a really cheap price, volkerbicycles at

This wasn't Lapierre's fault, they are not in charge of what is going on in the U.S., its the distributors responsibility. Lapierre, has a ton of them in Europe geting muddy every weekend, here in the U.S., not 1.

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