Monday, October 24, 2011

KC Weekend and radcross.

Had a busy weekend, had lots of catch up work, a few wheels to build, tubulars to glue, and bikes to fixed. A weeks worth of work for 3 days. Also got some dress shopping done with dr. wife sunday morning, fantastic.

I had planned to race Berryman for a year, it looks like a fantastic race, but I couldn't get done what I needed to Friday in time, plus my ride wasn't coming back from Steelville, MO till Sunday. Leaving dr. wife in KC alone with 2 kids for 40 hours straight might not have worked out. So I had to give my ride the bad news.

So its 5:00pm on friday and a good customer comes in saying he's leaving for berryman in an hour, had room for me and was coming back right after the race, that would have been perfect, had I known, but didn't and had to decline his offer. My bike wasn't ready, I had nothing packed, and there was still lots of work to do. Maybe next year.

Instead I got some good sleep friday night, woke up early, had good breakfast with Dr. Wife, 2 kids, then went to swope for 2 hours of mtn. bikes before hitting work for the rest of the day. Legs felt great, I definitely could have finished berryman well, I hadn't ridden all week, didn't really do anything except mind the babies. That's changing, starting a new work schedule this week where I will spend some inside time doing lunges, leg excercises, core strength, all the good stuff.

Free Peloton online copy here.

I've been using a evo phone the past few weeks for email/surfing...finally decided to pay the $30 to get the wifi so I can type on the computer more. Its worth the $30 for sure, but I will be trying to root/tether it eventually to make it work free.

So far the doctor likes her job, she works 10 hour days 4 days a week at a public health clinic while I stay home with the boys. Its not as bad as you think, it could be better, but it is what it is for now. She is getting lots of experience, I think she said she did more work her first week than in the 7 years she was in school. Pulling teeth, root canals, fillings, all that, come on down to Pittsburg, KS to get worked on if you like.

$13k in payouts in tulsa!

Check this pro out. Yes, those sunglasses go over the helmet straps!

OK, Radcross.

There some races scheduled early in the year, but the promoter decided to cancel his events. Luckily for the people who race cx in KC,
local cycling put on a great event in shawnee.

The course was a true "drivers" course. There was really only 1 section you could power through. The rest of the course had tight turns, that constantly scrubbed speed. It wasn't who was the most powerful this time, it was who could get through turns quicker, and not crash. I crashed I think 6 times.

I showed up 20min before the start, barely road the first 2000 meters of the course, wasn't warmed up at all...and never really did warm up. My legs never felt fatigued, just couldn't get above 70% the whole race.

The start was epic. The official said, "you will go on my word...go." And thats it, no yelling, just simply said go. And we were off. I got right behind a rider who immediately jumped to the front, but then his left pedal came out, scary, we slowed down a bunch and got passed. I was back in 10th place going into the grass, and started moving up.

I don't recall much of the race. Lots of falling down and chasing back on. Tape was down for half the race, and I road off the course twice.

I ended up 4th, behind Joe S., A coe, and S smith. If I had raced the race of my life, I'm sure I would have been 4th in the end as well.

Keck won the 3/4 race.

Buta wearing the new xc50n shimano shoe. The n stands for nordic, the shoe is complete sealed, no mesh. Its great for cx. Retail is $160, but volker beats any online prices. I'll be riding the xc60 soon, they are super light, lighter than the $350 fury, lighter than all of shimano custom fit shoes too. Retail is $240, but get them cheaper. They go up to size 50, plus they do all there sizes in a size E(wide) size option.

Buta finished behind me in 5th. There were 17 riders so thats impressive. He is a fast learner. Thats what it takes to be a good bike racer, learning. There are a lot of bone-headed riders, who have been racing forever, refuse to learn, they believe they know everything, that won't work. You keep watching how guys faster than you go, how they take turns, how they keep momentum, where they pedal hard and where they save energy, and it doesn't take long, you'll get faster, just know you have to learn.

1220 gram tubeless clincher wheelset. 180 lb. rider limmit. 20/24 hole cx-ray spokes. $650 for black spokes, $625 for silver. c-4 hubs. 17mm rear axle, aluminum freehub. The front hub weighs 80 grams, its the best hub out there. Wide/tall flanges, large bearings, these things will last a really long time, plus build a super stiff, strong, smooth rolling wheel.

My care package for this week.

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