Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Schedule

Kansas 2010 schedule found HERE!

St. Louis/MO found HERE!

My schedule hopefully goes as follows.

3-14 St. Joe MTN. Bike Race

3-20 MWI Gentlemens Road MTN. Bike Race

3-28 Lawrence Mtn. MTN. Bike Race

4-10 Hillsboro RR (maybe)

4-11 Lawrence Duathlon or st. louis crit

4-17-18 Herman Stage race or 3/6 hour in smithville...

4-25 Sheehan Road race(vtgp is same weekend)

Goal is to do either Tour of Gila or JOEMARTIN. Tour of gila has mens cat 2 only where joe martin is cat 1/2. Also, gila is 1200 miles away, joemartin is 250 miles away.

4-29-5-2 Gila

I'm leaning towards joemartin since there is mtn. biking at wilson lake 5-1 and 5-2.

5-16 Auburn RR (this absolutely crushed my legs last year)

5-23 St. Genevive RR or maybe a good friends wedding, we'll see!

5-29-5-30 Wichita tt/rr/crit

If I'm still going fast...

6-4-6-6 Tulsa Tough
If I'm going slow then maybe dk200 or warsaw mtn. bike.

6-13 Winghaven nrc circuit

6-16-6-20 Nature Valley maybe
6-20 Emporia Mtn. bike.(casaramos!)

6/26-27 Tour of KC

6-27 Perry Mtn. bike

7/3-4 Tour of Lawrence

7-24-7-25 Springfield Crit

8/7-8 Tour of KC

8-14 Trenton, MO MTN. Bike

9-12 ARk City MTN. Bike(long ways to travel but probably worth it!)

9-19 KC CUP Mtn. Bike

Hopefully I'll get fast somewhere around there and win some races. There will be plenty of group rides and tues crits thrown in as well.


  1. everytime i look at the schedule i start salavating. 2010 is gonna kick ass my friend!

  2. This is a MANS race schedule. Lets take on Jelly Belly:
    March 19-21 San Dimas Stage Race
    March 25-28 Redlands Bicycle Classic
    April 1-9 Tour of Thailand
    April 22-2 Tour of Korea
    May 16-23 Tour of California If invited
    June 4-6 Tulsa Thought Stage Race
    June 13 Winghaven Classic
    June 16-20 Nature Valley Grand Prix
    June 27 Manhatton Beach Grand Prix
    July 16-25 Qinghai Lakes Stage Race China
    July 25 Chicago Grand Prix
    July 30-1 Elk grove Stage Race
    August 7 North carloina Classic
    August 14-15 Crit Nationals Downers Grove
    August 30-5 Tour of Missouri
    September 18-19 Road Nationals
    November 5-14 Tour of Hanian China

  3. I might be doing Tour of Korea. Still trying to make up my mind.