Monday, January 11, 2010


Not much going on. The past 10 days have been brutal weather wise. Still getting out to do some rides on my 29er and got in a good ride yesterday on a new bike. Its a 69er, 18lb fixed mtn. bike. Very fun to ride and we had a blast riding over to the Groj Prix race to watch some snow rutted cx action.

Next 10 days look more doable, mid 30 highs and 20 degree lows do not sound too bad after what we have been through. We have a group ride tonight, leaves Volker at 6:00. Last week there were 5 of us trudging through town on mtn. bikes for an hour or so in 20 degrees. Tonight I picture fixed gears/cross bikes with fenders with all the melting that will take place today.

Sorry about text, I'm just not a picture person. If you want to read a good blog, with good pics, go here.


  1. Keep up the good work, it's hard to have a blog as mind blowing as mine so don't get discouraged. this is adam, by the way.

  2. at least I have a crazy good picture on the header of my blog...oh wait, I stole that from your blog...this is britton by the way.