Sunday, May 17, 2009

Auburn RR

Looking at the Flyer no one from Colavita really expected a big showing to this event. only paying out 4 places for each category, and the Hellbender going on in MO, many showed up expecting a win. I was surprised at the amount of 1/2's in the field, as well as the 3's from Tulsa and OKC.

Walking into register I see Steve Tilford and a few other Trek/Tradewind Energy riders. After registering I hear that they are combining 1/2/3 instead of just 3's. Ouch....and 67 miles? I am good to about 50 miles and then I am toast so I told myself to not do too much work...but the fun side of my head took over and I found myself getting in a few breaks in the first lap. My water was depleted by the first lap and we were going about 30 through the feedzone so I had two choices...take my wifes arm while snatching a bottle from her or riding the last 32 miles without water. I ended up passing on the water and kept on. I had dropped to the back to get water and right then Mercy gunned it. There were 2 trek guys and 2 other 1/2's off the front and they were trying to real him in with a hard crosswind and everyone was stuck in the gutter. Being in the last position really sucked...the group was down to 12 riders so I was guaranteed almost a top 15 overall in a 40+ field so I felt pretty good. The guys in front of me didn't. After a bunch of yo-yoing one of them fell off his wheel and I didn't have the power to get around and bridged up. My head was hurting and I kept trying to stay positive and keeping a 300+ watt average in the saddle hoping eventually the Mercy guys would give up. After about 15 miles of riding about a minute behind I felt my legs losing power. Instead of holding 450 up hill and 200 downhill it was more like 350/120. I was riding for about 5 miles by myself wondering where I was and when the race would be over and actually felt like I was getting lost. The first lap was so fast with so many attacks I never really looked around to see any landmarks. Finally I saw Roger barreling down the road shouting encouraging words and I felt good again.

Next I came upon an intersection with no corner marshall, no signs...just a lady cop on the side of the road. As I approached the intersection I was looking straight at her hoping she would give me some sign of where to sign so I keep going straight...after about 50 meters after the intersection I hear a faint "excuse me, are you racing? I think you were supposed to turn." I grab the breaks and turn around, give a polite thanks(its not her job to be the corner marshall) and head on my way. By then I was done. My legs were so sore and it was hard climbing hills and keeping momentum. I told myself to keep the watts above 150 just to keep myself honest. By then I had been riding by myself for about 12 miles. As I was going down a hill I look back and see a group of 10. I hop on to the back and started going again. 200 watts + and doing some work up front. I ask Walt of 360 how many miles left and he says 5 miles. YES! Almost done. We keep working and then a specs guy drills it. Everyone hangs on and the pace finally slows down with 1 mile to go. No signs, nothing, just keep going...finally as we go over a hill we see two huge white flags int he distance...Suddenly a Sante Fe Trails rider starts sprinting...everyone thinks it is the finish so we all hang on the wheels..I was 6 riders back...with no one around the flags I knew it wasn't the finish...once we reach the flags everyone is upset...the sprint was over and we still had 200 meters to go...Uphill!

I was able to get 3rd in the field sprint...felt horrible. Had some bananas and monster drink. No complete results yet...we'll see.

Matt got 1st in the 4's. Broke away with 2 guys for 57 miles...did a ton of work and won...very impressive.

Pic Thanks to Phillip.


  1. Your loss was definitely my gain with the water.. the flyer said "neutral" feed zone. Thought that meant free water for everyone. Your bottle helped me bring it home. Nice work in the sprint!

  2. Melissa said you really did almost take her arm must have been flying.