Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Morning Ride 9:00 a.m.

Had a wonderful ride this morning. Weather could not have been better. We headed out to Swope and checked out the WOW Festival. They were just setting up with tons of people there. Then we headed north to Clif Drive and helped Kenneth out with his Wheels can take me places project. He is working with a charter school in Kansas City, MO with a bunch of great 7th graders. The goal is to ride across MO on the Katy Trail. 220 miles in a few days.

They were looking really good on their bikes and we tried to show as much support as possible. Its' been a while since I have been in such a positive atmosphere.

Just finished another lap on Clif Drive.
Phillip getting a break on Sarah's wheel.

Post Ride Picture

Tomorrow is Auburn RR. 67 miles. Good luck to everyone. If you need a ride, we are leaving from the store at 6:30am and have room. Just email

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