Tuesday, November 17, 2009

State Champs!

Very good conditions by 1:00. Super muddy, some spots there were 6 inches of mud. Some spots you could fly through, others made you feel stuck. I had a bunch of numbers from this series and pinned the wrong one, when I started taking off the layers (it was 35 degrees and raining) I realized I had the wrong number when the guy next to me was wearing it. I rode hard back to the van to get another number and got it pinned, but the race had already started. I road down to the judges and they told me to go. I was afraid they were going to dq me if I didn't check in which is why I didn't just hop into the back of the race, so I lost about 100 seconds. I caught a bunch of ss racers by the first lap and 2 open racers, from there I was in cruise control just enjoying the weather. I was able to ride a few unrideable sections which felt good.

I ended the De Stad series 6th place over all. I also heard that I won a fluid trainer but since I wasn't there they gave it to the next ticket holder, guess I'll keep riding my rollers.

The best part of the day was watching the 3 race. Dan killed it and won the KS State Championships while friend Chris won the 3 race in killer fashion.

I will also mention Andy, he won the 4 race with 3 fast guys on his tail, it wasn't even close but still fun to watch. Good job Andy.

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