Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The first item I will review is Chain-L No. 5. (Say Chain-EL Number Five)

This stuff is unbelievable. I've been loving Phil's tenacious oil for the longest time but this gets it done.

Cleaned my chain and put a thin layer (as directed) on the chain. Worked it in then wiped off excess. I road it for 5 days and then came the ultimate test, a muddy cx race. It worked magically, shifting was spot on and the chain was smooth. As you can see from the pics below, it was 35, raining, with tons of mud, not good conditions for chains. When I got home from the race I took my hose to my bike making it spotless, including my chain. This is where it gets interesting...I have ridden it at least another 60 miles since Sundays race and it is still smooth as silk. The bottle says 1000 per use and I believe it!

2nd review is my tubeless setup. I've been racing my stan's 29er 355 rims to bulldog tires and so has Joe and both of us haven't experienced any burping or loss of air. There is no way you can roll the tire with this wide of rim and burping is non-existent. Usually I run 30 psi and I have had excellent luck, sunday I raced on 25psi and they were flawless.


  1. Yeah, that chain grease must work really well. I think you put some on my bike before last weekend's race. During the 3/4 race, I stayed in an easy gear because I kept expecting that it would gum up and I wouldn't be able to shift. But it shifted as though I were on a dry road.