Monday, November 9, 2009


I talked Topeka up a lot this past week. Everyone who asked about it I told them it was the best race ever and they had to be there. Luckily, it was a dry, warm day with little wind. The course was a lot like last year (without the 30mph tailwind) and super fun!

I started good about 8 back and was there for two laps. It was fun flying on dirt at 30mph! Then coming around the track I had another one of my episodes where I feel like I have the hiccups (but don't) and need to rest for 30 seconds or so before I could get going again. Beer was gone by the time I finished, too bad, maybe next time.

Leavenworth was a lot like last years state champs and a few weeks ago. Start was at the bottom of the cobbles and it got pretty hairy as we got to the holeshot. There was a little mixup going through the barriers where a sweet ibis tried jumping them and didn't make it. I was right behind it but luckily I was off my bike and running.

From there the course goes up down, up down, up down, repeat. By the time I got to the start there was a group of us together with a few more in the back trying to catch up, I think maybe 6 people were off in front of us. I started to notice my chain popping consistently and eventually had to get off my bike and work the bad link out, which I couldn't do, so I was left with soft pedaling the course for the remainder of the race. Still a fun day, perfect weather, and good people.

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